The Low Down on Right Meow- April 12, 2013

Graduation is hurling towards me at the speed I wish Justin Timberlake would hurl himself towards me…poor analogy, but how poor can any analogy involving JT really be. His new album is dope and I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop all week, so I have his sexiness on the brain.

As I said, graduation is fast approaching. Four weeks now until the end of my school career, and I have senioritis like I never thought possible. Going to class is by far the hardest part, but I’m gettin my ish done, so no worries.

My capstone is the highlight of this semester. Check it out over at Capstone=graduation project, like a thesis. Mine is a review blog about the dubstep community here in Dallas, and it is a labor of love. It is also by far where I spend the most time online, so if you want to connect with me definitely check it out. You can follow me @DallasDubDrops or email me

I’m loving my internship at Buzzshift. So far, my learning experiences have been primarily involving SEO and social media, which I’m really enjoying. I’d like to start experimenting in other areas of digital marketing after graduation. I don’t yet have a clear idea of what (specifically) I’d like to do, so I want to learn more about PPC as well as reputation and brand management.

In the next few months I’m looking forward to attending Meltdown Music Festival, graduating, my sister’s birthday and subsequent Austin trip, and camping at Big Bend Ranch State Park in October. I hope to embark on lots of mini-travels this summer, visiting Houston, Boulder, OKC, New Orleans, and more.

I am on the lookout for future internship and job opportunities. To get in touch with me, contact me @RochelleBuquet or

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Last Semester Update

I am officially in my last semester of school EVER! I’ve registered to graduate this week and I’m having my first official capstone meeting tomorrow.

My capstone project is basically an independent study project that I’ll be working on for the rest of the semester. My project is a Dubstep music review blog for Dallas, TX. The site is not currently up and running yet but it will soon be rockin over at 

The site will be a review blog for Dubstep bands, music, concerts, and venues in Dallas, and will hopefully become a resource for Dallas young adults to find out about what’s going on in the Dubstep scene.

I’m a little nervous thinking about all the upcoming changes in my life and the crazy hectic semester to come, but I’m excited for the end of this chapter in my life! I’ll update this blog with the progress on my capstone as it develops.

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DFWSEM’s State of Search Conference

Today the roommate and I went to the State of Search conference, hosted by DFWSEM. I met a bunch of great people involved in all different aspects of the EMAC field, which I guess I could call digital marketing.

Interacting with all these professionals showed me that I have a long way to go and a short time to get there, if I want to be on these people’s level. However, the good news is that everyone was super nice and willing to teach and instruct.

I met the staff of Buzzshift, the digital marketing firm the roommate interns for. Every single one of them was so kind and welcoming, they really made me feel comfortable.

Today’s experience gave me a little taste of what the work atmosphere is going to be like after graduation and I’m actually getting excited for it.

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